Lay the right foundation with the good septic tank design

The house build is coming together, but what about the sewage system?

Whether starting from scratch or adding to your home, having a good set of plans — as well as the right crew — will always give you the best groundwork possible.

Every aspect of your home build needs to be well-planned and carefully designed, right down to your domestic septic tank design. This is why getting your builder and sewage system providers on the same page is paramount.

You also want the assurance that your septic tank trench design is going to be carried out correctly and constructed the right way. You want quality septic tank installation. You need experienced and supportive septic tank installers to make sure your sewage system stands the the test of time and fits your builder’s process.

Let’s get started — septic tank design for residential building

Like any good formula, the best results happen when each key step of the process is accounted for appropriately.

We also understand people have different tastes and needs. Particular situations and specific factors need to be taken into consideration to produce what you want.

This is why we visit your site and collaborate with your builder to achieve the vision you want. We will work in unison with your builder. We will discuss the maximum number of occupants in the household.The interruptions will be minimised and we will always leave a tidy site behind.

Working with your builder, we will get the job done easily and quickly.

Things that we always consider and evaluate:

– The dimensions of the land, including slope
– The type of soil of the land
– The layout of the building plan, including bedrooms and bathrooms
– The size of your wastewater tank
– Your aesthetic vision
– The environment

After our meeting, and reviewing the project inside and out, we’ll get in touch with your builder. We’ll make sure everyone agrees with the timeline and get the ball rolling.

We’ll take care of all Council consents to get your wastewater system up and running so your home is finished on time.

The lay of the land — septic tank installations

Success! The full building consent has approved.

Once approved, Approved Wastewater can also help in installing your new sewage system. We work directly with you and your builder to get your house built as safely and quickly as possible.

While earthworks are carried out we begin the installation of your septic tank, preparing the trench.

Depending on the site, dripper pipes might need to be installed at a later date based on landscaping. We work with you and your building team to make your wastewater tank installation as convenient and easy as possible.

We will provide all the necessary paperwork as well, including warranty and a supply maintenance agreement. All ready for code of compliance. We are fully involved with securing Council approvals. We are right there with you until we get final building signoff. We also provide drainlaying services

Are you struggling with soggy lawns or water erosion? Sometimes fixing up your property requires drainlaying. If it’s only drainlaying you’re after, we can help with this, too.

No matter the size of the job, you will gain our full focus and dedication. Everything from planning the best solution for your drainage requirements to completing and signing off the job.

We’re here to keep you home and dry. We’re just a phone call away

Do you have any questions about your current septic tank setup? Unsure about your upcoming sewage system needs? Would you like more information about installing or designing your wastewater tank?

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